Corporate Travel Management

We would like to underscore the four pillars of  Travel Management namely:

To achieve the above it is necessary to creatively combine Travel Policy Management;   Service;  Suppliers  negotiations and  System Enhancements.

Savings form the most important component of any company travel policy and goes hand in hand with planning.  The amount of savings achieved through a well managed program can be extremely meaningful, especially to companies housing different departments and cost centers.

Since the travel industry moved from forfeiting airline, hotel and car commissions attention is now focused on Travel Management Companies margins and deals, with a view to cutting costs.

The only way to achieve this is through strategizing, implementation and hard work between our clients and ourselves. We make it our responsibility to understand and know what companies really need and want from their travel policies and procedures.   Voila Travel believes that in order to achieve a maximum savings potential, a complete consolidation of travel spend will be necessary.

We ensure that our clients obtain the maximum benefit.  Management Reconciliation Information is provided which is aimed at streamlining the administration process.  We customize these to meet our clients' needs,and reports are sent monthly in an electronic or hard copy format.

Voila Travel offers a portfolio of Travel Management Services, from which you can choose the services you most prefer.

Our service fees are normally agreed upon in advance so that delivery matches expectations in all cases.